Bridge (4th & 5th grades)

When & Where

Our in-person Bridge environment is back on Sunday mornings during the 10:30am worship hour! These students will join the adults in the WOC for the first half of worship and then be dismissed for their own lesson and small group time. They will return to the WOC at the end of the hour to be reunited with their families. 

Our virtual environment also continues to be available in an all-new, on-demand format. Click here to watch anytime on Sunday morning that's convenient for your family. 

PLEASE NOTE that in order to meet social distancing requirements and continue to provide programming for all ages, we will not be offering a Sunday evening experience for Bridge students during the pandemic.


The Bridge group helps 4th and 5th graders grow by connecting the student to God, the students to each other, and bridging the gap between elementary and middle school. Our goal during the Bridge years is that students will learn: 

  • I need to make wise choices.
  • I can trust God no matter what.
  • I should treat others the way I want to be treated. 

These truths are critical for students to internalize before they move on to middle school. 


If you're planning your first visit and want to find out what to expect, reach out to Cara: or 270.842.6231. She'll also be happy to answer any questions about the steps we're taking to ensure the safety of your child during the pandemic.