Our Search For A New Senior Minister

After 17 years Weston Williams our current senior minister is stepping down and we are looking for a new senior minister. This page is dedicated to helping clearly communicate BGCC's next steps during this transition and to provide updates along the way. We do not know how long this process will take. It took us a year to find our youth minister, but we waited until we found the right one. We will do the same for this search. Currently our search team is accepting applications for this position. 

Want to apply? Click here for more information!

How will our new pastor be selected?

Those interested in this position should check our application page by clicking here. They will then apply by emailing an application to the search team at bgccsearch@gmail.com. Applications must contain the following:

  • A resume
  • A brief (1-2 page) spiritual biography
  • A link to videos of sermons preached in a congregational setting

These applications will be reviewed by our search team. Prospective candidates must then pass through three teams in order to be selected as our new senior minister. Below is a summary of the teams and what they are responsible for in the search process…

The Search Team is responsible for advertising the position, fielding resumes, watching sermon videos, and conducting initial interviews. Once they select a candidate they believe has the required qualifications and is a good fit for BGCC they will forward them on to an interview with the staff.

The Church Staff functions as a team and we want to make sure a new candidate has good chemistry with our existing staff leadership. They will conduct a video interview with candidates to assess their fit and philosophy of ministry. Candidate(s) who have positive interviews with the staff will be invited out to preach a weekend and interview with the elders.

The Elders will review all of the materials from the previous teams, check references, and then conduct their own final interview. The elders will then vote whether or not to extend an offer to the candidate. Our bylaws require the elders to have a unanimous positive vote in order to accept a candidate.

Search Team Members

Our search team (made up of a cross-section of BGCC members) will be responsible for guiding candidates through the application process. You can contact the search team here

  • Micah Morris

    "Micah Morris and his wife Katie have been attending BGCC for 4 years. "We love the people in BGCC! Our community group has provided so much spiritual growth and love." Micah teaches Algebra 1 and coaches girls golf in Barren County. He and Katie are traveling across the U.S. to hit all 50 states. They’ll be visiting their 18th state this spring with a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada!

  • Beth Schreiner

    Beth met her husband Brian here! He proposed to Beth at BGCC at the end of a Sunday morning service, they were married here, had their kids while here, who were baptized & grew up here. Beth & Brian have attended BGCC for over 40 years. She loves how BGCC has always been a family. Beth loves to read and spend some time working on projects like crocheting & chalk painting. In the fall and winter, Beth & Brian enjoy watching football & UK basketball. In the summer, Beth loves to mow!

  • Caleb Carpenter

    Caleb & his wife Melody have been attending Bowling Green Christian Church since 2019. They love the people and community that make up BGCC. They have been blessed with close friendships and relationships that help them mature in their faith. Caleb is an active member of the worship team and serves with AWANA. Caleb & Melody love to travel, enjoy outdoor activities, and spend time with their friends. 

  • Amanda Brown

    Amanda began attending BGCC in the summer of 2021 and became a member in January, 2022. She loves BGCC’s authenticity and openness that the church and the people in it are not perfect. It provides a space for people to be vulnerable and grow individually and as a church. Amanda works in ethics & compliance. She also volunteers with CASA and other various organizations. 

    She is a proud plant mom to 7, which means she hasn't killed them yet! 

  • Diana Horn

    Diana and her husband Danny have been a part of the BGCC family for 14 years. They love the people and the church’s involvement in giving back to the community. She and Danny are active volunteers at MEALS Inc. She is loving semi-retirement and having summers off to enjoy life and travel.

  • Jordan Carter

    Jordan is our search team chairman. He and his wife Helen have been attending BGCC for 2 years. They love the warm sense of community and the mutual love of God you feel when you walk through the doors. He likes to run, play golf and cook mediocre food. He and Helen have been married for almost 4 years. They have a 19 month-old son named Brooks who is usually keeping the Sunday morning nursery crew on their toes!

  • Dana Wooters

    Dana and his wife Mary Lynn have attended BGCC for over 5 years with their children Mary Louise and Forrest. They love the kind, loving, and unpretentious attitude of the people at church. "We appreciate the many ways that people have showed kindness to our family, especially my kids and parents, since moving to Bowling Green." When he's not a BGCC Dana likes watching British or Australian crime drama with Mary Lynn. Dana and Forrest are both Mazda Miata fans.

  • Marrissa Bryant

    Marrissa and her husband Trace are parents to two amazing teenagers Jack and Izzy. They have attended BGCC for 17 years. "I love that BGCC provides so many opportunities for the people who attend our church to connect with each other and with those in our community!" Marrissa works at WKU helping college students. She is an avid reader, loves spending time with friends & family, and enjoys traveling.

  • Phil Silva

    Phil Silva and his family have attended since moving to Bowling Green in 2009. His dad later moved to Bowling Green from California in 2012. Phil is a chemist who works in air quality and spends a lot of time outside of the laboratory doing field research. He loves volunteering with the Bridge kids because they keep him on his toes and energized as he tries to keep up with them! The Silvas are the self-proclaimed "head nerds" of BGCC and are unparalleled authorities in Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Big Bang Theory, Weird Al Yankovic, Disney, and Six Flags.

  • Beth Ann Moore

    Beth Ann and her husband Kraig just celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary, and have attended BGCC since 1993! They have 4 sons and one sweet daughter-in-law. Beth Ann loves the community feel, small groups, AWANA program and the preaching at BGCC. She is a nutrition coach, and enjoys camping, beekeeping, birding and spending time outdoors. 

What can I do?

Pray! We invite you to pray for Weston and his family as he takes on this new role. We ask that you would pray for the elders, staff, search team, and candidates as we go through this process of discernment.

What if I have questions or suggestions? 

You can email the elders with questions or suggestions. Click here to email our active elders with your thoughts and concerns about the transition.

What About Weston & His Family?

Why is Weston leaving?

Weston is leaving because after a lengthy time of prayer and reflection he felt new leadership was needed for BGCC. After 17 years here he felt God was calling someone else to take his place as senior minister.

Click here to read Weston's letter to the congregation.

Click here to read the letter from the elders to the congregation.

What are the Williams going to do?

The Williams will be staying in Bowling Green as Weston will be working remotely for a missions agency named Water for Good. He will be serving as their Faith & Church Relations Manager. They are a big part of the BGCC family and plan on remaining active participants of our congregation.

When is Weston's Last Sunday?

Weston will remain in the pulpit and preach regularly until this June. The Williams will then leave for the summer to New York. Staff, volunteers, and guest preachers will fill the pulpit through August. If needed, Weston can return to preach 2-3 weeks a month in September and beyond.