Although it's a great start, we won't cultivate deep friendships by simply attending worship services. Community Groups create an environment for developing intentional friendships with others at BGCC who share the same goal of growing in relationship with Jesus.

Community Groups meet at the same time each week, and group members share what's going on in their lives, talk about their faith and learn more about God together. Each group makes its own decisions about study topics, childcare, refreshments and the like. Most groups take a break during the summer months.

Groups launch in August and January, but if you missed the signups, you haven't missed out! We have a couple of groups that remain open to new members throughout the year.  


Huddles are strategy sessions. They help us master the basics of our faith and even take a step or two beyond. They help us grow closer to Jesus and fully engage in the BGCC community. They help us get the next 10 yards. 

Our eight core huddles are offered on a rotating basis throughout the year in a classroom setting. Some huddles meet only once, while others meet for 4 - 6 weeks or more. Huddles build practical teaching around intentional community, while encouraging us to take the next step forward in our faith. Stay connected here or in the app for your next opportunity to sign up.

If you have any questions about our huddle curriculum, reach out to us at or 270.842.6231.