First Time Visitor?

Whether it's your first time in a church in your life, a decade, or a week, attending a church you aren't familiar with can be intimidating. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible here at BGCC, so we are going to let you know ahead of time exactly what to expect:

  • Friendly people -  We are excited to have you join us! We see lots of new faces, so we don't always know when it is someone's first visit. If it's your first time, just let one of our guest services team members know, "It's my first time!", and they will guide you! If you prefer to go unnoticed and just slip in the back, a team member will direct you to an open seat in the back. We won't publicly acknowledge you or direct unwanted attention to you.
  • A casual atmosphere - We don't have a dress code. Jeans and t-shirt. Shorts and flip-flips. Or suit and tie. Whatever is most comfortable for you!
  • Engaging programming for kids! - We want kids to want to come to church. So we have created a fun environment that is age appropriate, where kids build friendships and learn impactful lessons about faith. The safety of your kids is a priority. We have multiple safety measures to keep your children safe. These measures include ID tags with unique codes to match children to parents, hall monitors, and an interior and exterior monitoring system. All of our kids ministry volunteers must pass background checks and have a heart for kids and families.

Times and Location:

      -  Service is at 10:30am

      -  We are located at 1912 Smallhouse Road. 

What's my next step?

So, you've attended church a time or two and now you want to know, "What's Next?" Or maybe you've been around a while and you're ready to get more connected. Either way, you've begun to ask:  How can I grow closer to Jesus? How can I become more engaged in the BGCC community? These are great questions. Visit the Connection Room (202) for information about Next Steps! 

Join a community group

We won't cultivate deep friendships by simply attending worship services. Community groups create an environment for developing life-long relationships with others at BGCC. A typical community group meets at the same time each week, enjoys a meal together, shares what's going on in their lives, and discusses and learns more about God together. To join a community group or to get more information about joining a community group, come talk to a connection team member in the Connection Room (202)!


Huddles are strategy sessions. They help us master the basics and even take a step or two beyond. They help us grow closer to Jesus and fully engage in the BGCC community. They help us get the next 10 yards. Huddles are game changers. At BGCC, our eight core huddles are designed with the big win of becoming LESS in mind. They build practical teaching around intentional community, while encouraging us to take the next step forward in our faith. 

To sign up for the next huddle stop by the Welcome Desk or drop in a Connection Card on Sunday.


Join us online! We call our online community CCB. No matter where you are in your relationship with Jesus, we offer a variety of ways to connect with Him and one another here at BGCC. We would love to help you get started on your journey and find community through groups, fellowship opportunities, service, and prayer.

To get connected with CCB, click here.

The WOC is a gym, and is open to the community 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday, unless the WOC is being used by BGCC or has been reserved by another group. All persons who wish to come to the WOC during weekly hours must have a waiver form filled out and follow the rules and expectations. You can fill out a waiver using the links below:


Waiver form for adults (18+ years old)

Waiver form for minors (to be filled out by parent/guardian) 

Thinking of stopping by?

Call ahead to check if the building is reserved (270-842-6231).

Interested in reserving the WOC for an event?

Please read the Building Use Policy below, and then fill out the BGCC Facility Request form.

BGCC Building Use Policy

Request use of BGCC rooms or resources